#006: Abortion, The Left and Right Are Both Wrong…Again

Abortion hasn’t been a hot topic in this post-COVID world. Technically, all the people that don’t wait until they are married to engage in the super deed should be social distancing. If you buy into […]

Scientific Papers That Dispute COVID-19 Policy

COVID-19 policy is essentially identical to what it was in March of 2020 for millions of people despite no shortage of research being done and old studies being found. I have no idea if any […]

#004: Texas Power Outages – An Engineer’s Perspective

Flame wars are out of control over who’s to blame for the Texas Power Outage. Is it the liberals and their clean energy and Green New Deal? Is it conservatives and their free-market, isolated-grid ideas? […]

#002: Race Is Boring

I wanted to put the topic of race to bed so I wouldn’t ever have to talk about something so uninteresting again. Unfortunately, I was a big sissy on the last episode and now I […]

My Finest Creation – CCR and Friends Playlist

I found some bonkers Japanese metal with a chick singer who can’t decide between squealing or doing an Shirley Temple impression. For fun, I hit “Like” (as one does when they find an insane Japanese […]

#001: Race

Brandon Drury Podcast I rant incoherently about my views on race. Is shoving the idea of race down everyone’s throats the best way to unite us? Does obsessing about skin color solve any of our […]

Nasty, Inappropriate Electronics Intuition For Engineering Students and Hobbyists.

Here is my first of many Youtube videos. Learning electronics is quite messy. Getting a feel for capacitors, inductors, and resistors is a huge disaster. Hopefully, mixing a little murder and poop into the equation […]

Racist Country Sign

I’ve got a buddy who’s a die-hard Republican. (I’m not.) Based on what I hear from comedian podcasts about what’s happening in the news, if you vote Republican, you are racist. I figure if that’s […]