Eerie Construction: Outstanding Salesman or Master Manipulators?

My house would be considered “pretty decent” in a third world country. Let’s just say it’s a fixer upper. The roof is shot. A door-to-door salesman for Erie Construction Mid-West (who was mysteriously dressed very […]

Trucker Girls Engraving With A Carve King CNC

What IS greatness? Philosophers have been unraveling that one for centuries. My best buddy doesn’t like “rockin”. I’ve never heard him comment on trucker chicks with guy parts so I’m going to assume he’s neutral […]

The Calling of the CNC Machine

Someone mentioned 3D printers and CNC machines to me in June. I laughed and basically said if I could freeze time I could dive right in. This was SUPPOSED to be the summer where I […]

The Greatest 3D Printer Stand Ever FAIL

I drank raw eggs and tied my tennis shoes extra tight.  I was on a mission.  I was going to design the worlds’ greatest 3D Printer Stand EVER!!!!! It failed.  But what I have ain’t […]

LabVIEW Industrial Voltage and Current Sensor Board

I was asked to whip up a PCB board in Kicad for the measurement of fairly high voltages (at least compared to the 3.3V and 5V I generally deal with).  We used some fancy pants […]

Kicad vs Orcad PCB Editor Lite / Allegro

Not everyone gets a chance to dive in HARDCORE to multiple PCB programs and learn the idiosyncrasies of each. Frankly, I don’t think you SHOULD learn more than one if you have a choice. Pick […]

Valentine’s Day Glowing Pulsing Heart

I had gigantic plans of finishing up my LED Cube before Valentine’s Day.  I worked on day and night over Christmas break, but it just wasn’t happening.  I was on pace and then made an […]

Coffee Tub Bike Wind Protection

If there is zero wind, when riding a bike 20 miles per hour, a person feels the cold plus the wind.  I believe this is called “wind chill”.  The faster you ride your bike to […]