Homemade Pullup Bar

The week before the COVID Shutdowns happened, I did 350 pullups. I was training for the Brando Fitness Challenge. I had to hit go on a stopwatch, bang out 20 pullups, and then run 4 […]

Brandon’s Tips To Surviving LabVIEW

1) Engage VietnamIt’s the middle of one of the most senseless wars in history. You are hiding in a place in which you’d never go camping. Boom! A bomb blows your buddy’s leg off and […]

DIY Dog Leash

We killed the dog I love back in December 2019. We got a new dog that I’ve wanted to kill since December 2019. It’s not exactly his fault. He’s just genetically disposed to be untamable. […]

Brandon Saves Christmas…..Mug

I hear a lot of talk by environmentalists. They are usually flying across the country at nearly-mach 1 and engaged in a lithion-ion battery wear-out-competition with the rest of humanity. I don’t call myself an […]

Obstacle Avoiding RC Car: Made From Junk and Fear

For our embedded systems class at school, we got a chance to build a remote control car. Of course, we immediately made it more interesting by giving it the ability to avoid obstacles. The obstacle […]

Guitar Pedal – 40 Year-Old Tone

A buddy of mine (a few hundred years ago) used to make fun of the guitar tone of 40-year-olds. Shit happens. So does 16 years….FAST. He turned 40 recently and this was a great opportunity […]

Android 9.0 Pie Installed On LG G6 H873 Stuck on Android 7.0 Nougat

I bought a LG G6 H873 from Ebay.  You never REALLY know what you are getting with these.  It was “new” and “sealed” yet the included manual was in Chinese.  I checked the IMEI by […]

Eerie Construction: Outstanding Salesman or Master Manipulators?

My house would be considered “pretty decent” in a third world country. Let’s just say it’s a fixer upper. The roof is shot. A door-to-door salesman for Erie Construction Mid-West (who was mysteriously dressed very […]

Trucker Girls Engraving With A Carve King CNC

What IS greatness? Philosophers have been unraveling that one for centuries. My best buddy doesn’t like “rockin”. I’ve never heard him comment on trucker chicks with guy parts so I’m going to assume he’s neutral […]