Legacy RecordingReview.com Products

Goodbye From RecordingReview

We had a hell of a run at RecordingReview.com. From its humble beginnings in 2005, it became a thriving monster of a community that somehow never became as ugly as so many facets of the web have become. Well, graphically it was disgusting, but I’ve never seen a community that was so respectful of each other.o At one point, beyond my family, RecordingReview was everything to me. Fast forward to 2017 and it’s time to move on.

I’ve decided to give away all RecordingReview.com products as open source.

For anyone looking for a recording forum packed with great people, it’s my understanding that many RecordingReview members have went over to Indie Recording Depot.   It’s the only recording community I recommend.

Open Source RecordingReview.com Products

Killer Home Recording, as well as all other products I made for RecordingReview.com, are now available free of charge, entirely open source.  Killer Home Recording was written in 2009.  Some of the info will certainly be dated.  Unfortunately, it is only available in PDF form.  Maybe someone knows of a clever PDF-to-Epub conversion.

Download Killer Home Recording

Download MP3 Files For Killer Home Recording – I’m digging these up.

Surviving And Thriving In This BS Recording Studio Business – This one was never formatted. It’s still in Open Office files (which can be opened in Word). Oh well, it’s messy but it exists. This should be a humorous read since I did not survive and thrive in the music recording business in the long run. Maybe I’ll add an addendum to this one. I think there is something to be learned from when your passions transition and what that means for previous endeavors.

Maximizing Your Recording Gear Cash

HomeRecording In 9 Pages

Patchbay Peepshow 

There are a couple hundred Youtube videos that were part of collections I never released. Maybe I’ll scrape up the time to make playlists out of those and link them here. I’m not convinced they are very good, but that’s a perpetual view of mine.