Trucker Girls Engraving With A Carve King CNC

What IS greatness? Philosophers have been unraveling that one for centuries.

My best buddy doesn’t like “rockin”. I’ve never heard him comment on trucker chicks with guy parts so I’m going to assume he’s neutral on that part. I know he won’t love the finish as he thinks glossy wood is “plastic”. I’m not aware of him being overly excited by his basement. So, overall, I expect this creation to go into the trash. Regardless, I’m mailing this to him anonymously a few days before his birthday. I had fun making it even if he decides to use it for target practice.

I took a standard 1×8 hunk of scrap wood which used to be part of a Helmholtz Resonator bass trap from my recording studio days. I routed the sides with a handheld router. I stole the angel/devil girls from Google images and added the weiners in Photoshop. The font was done in Photoshop, as well. This turned out to be complicated as my ancient version of Photoshop has no SVG output. Getting pixel-grade data into vector format is a pain, but that’s the only language of the CNC. I got it to work in Inkscape, but I never loved it.  Compromises were made.  That’s what happens when you brave such uncharted, new territory.

This was my first “serious” project with my Millright Carve King CNC machine. We’ll do better next time, but I think this was a fine way to break the machine in.

One thought on “Trucker Girls Engraving With A Carve King CNC”

  1. Hi Brandon,

    I’ve been researching all the web to get in touch with you.
    I’m a musician and I’m really interested in keeping the legacy of recording review alive.
    Of course I would buy it from you. Please get back to me!

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