Racist Country Sign

I’ve got a buddy who’s a die-hard Republican. (I’m not.) Based on what I hear from comedian podcasts about what’s happening in the news, if you vote Republican, you are racist. I figure if that’s true, my buddy would prefer to show it off with a crappy country sign.

Republicans like wood.

For the record, I whipped this up in an hour. We were leaving at 1 pm and I started on this at 11 am. It was not well thought out. I grabbed a piece of pine, burned it with a blow torch, hopped into Fusion 360 to get the G-code for the CNC, and then I finished up the edges on the router table.

It was a fun waste of time and my buddy found it hilarious. I’m not entirely convinced he’s racist, though. I’ve not really heard him mention melanin at all. Then again, it seems that by modern standards, anyone who has bought a sandwich is racist. Good thing I don’t eat bread anymore.

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