Racist Country Sign

I’ve got a buddy who’s a die-hard Republican. (I’m not.) Based on what I hear from comedian podcasts about what’s happening in the news, if you vote Republican, you are racist. I figure if that’s […]

Homemade Pullup Bar

The week before the COVID Shutdowns happened, I did 350 pullups. I was training for the Brando Fitness Challenge. I had to hit go on a stopwatch, bang out 20 pullups, and then run 4 […]

Brandon’s Tips To Surviving LabVIEW

1) Engage VietnamIt’s the middle of one of the most senseless wars in history. You are hiding in a place in which you’d never go camping. Boom! A bomb blows your buddy’s leg off and […]

DIY Dog Leash

We killed the dog I love back in December 2019. We got a new dog that I’ve wanted to kill since December 2019. It’s not exactly his fault. He’s just genetically disposed to be untamable. […]

Picture Frame #1

Here’s a picture frame I whipped up for Christmas. Although this is fairly primitive, there are a few lessons of note. A – I wanted the stain to be quite light. I’m using pine again […]

Brandon Saves Christmas…..Mug

I hear a lot of talk by environmentalists. They are usually flying across the country at nearly-mach 1 and engaged in a lithion-ion battery wear-out-competition with the rest of humanity. I don’t call myself an […]

Obstacle Avoiding RC Car: Made From Junk and Fear

For our embedded systems class at school, we got a chance to build a remote control car. Of course, we immediately made it more interesting by giving it the ability to avoid obstacles. The obstacle […]

Guitar Pedal – 40 Year-Old Tone

A buddy of mine (a few hundred years ago) used to make fun of the guitar tone of 40-year-olds. Shit happens. So does 16 years….FAST. He turned 40 recently and this was a great opportunity […]

Android 9.0 Pie Installed On LG G6 H873 Stuck on Android 7.0 Nougat

I bought a LG G6 H873 from Ebay.  You never REALLY know what you are getting with these.  It was “new” and “sealed” yet the included manual was in Chinese.  I checked the IMEI by […]