DIY Dog Leash

We killed the dog I love back in December 2019. We got a new dog that I’ve wanted to kill since December 2019. It’s not exactly his fault. He’s just genetically disposed to be untamable. He’s half lab and half German Sheppard.

STL Files on Thingiverse

Fusion 360 3D model of a dog leash handle

We took him to an expert in training German Sheppards. He said the greatest leash of all time was a piece of paracord and a slipknot. The dog can decide how much he wants to strangle himself. My old dog, Panzer, decided that zero was optimum without even putting the thing on him. My current dog, Lightning, is willing to tolerate an infinity of pain a good chunk of the time. However, at least he’s not pulling me down the street anymore.

Presenting the $0.25 3D printed dog leash for dogs who are wolves.

The best part? Once I put a 3d printed handle on the paracord leash, I’ve got a leash for $0.25 that is vastly superior to anything at the store without getting the metal choke collar things.

I recommend at least 2mm walls and 20% infil if you decide to 3D print this. If a dog bolts, quite a bit of force is placed on this thing.

Note: People with regular dogs may think a choking leash is inhumane. They don’t understand that living with a wolf is war. Being dragged into oncoming traffic by a canine is not humane either. In fact, having a leash that allows me to actually keep him out of oncoming traffic is humane.

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