Brandon Saves Christmas…..Mug

Epoxy and spray paint save Christmas.

I hear a lot of talk by environmentalists. They are usually flying across the country at nearly-mach 1 and engaged in a lithion-ion battery wear-out-competition with the rest of humanity.

I don’t call myself an environmentalist, but I hate driving with a passion and I hate throwing stuff in the landfill. Last year my 5-year-old grabbed my arm and my precious $1 Christmas mug was further evidence of the “normal force”. That’s the thing that makes your brain go “splat” after the stock market tanks depending on how high your office you chose to leap from was.

The handle was trashed and the mug leaked from all the cracks, but with a little poison and some VERY low-skill woodworking, the $1 Christmas mug is back in action and better than ever.

Update: In Christmas 2020, I took the route of the environmentalists and tossed it in the trash. I microwaved some water in it and was appalled at the chemical smell. I’ll find another way to get cancer.

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