The Greatest 3D Printer Stand Ever FAIL

I drank raw eggs and tied my tennis shoes extra tight.  I was on a mission.  I was going to design the worlds’ greatest 3D Printer Stand EVER!!!!! It failed.  But what I have ain’t bad.  The pegboard on the back has proved to be WAY better than I had expected.  (Note:  I designed this before I had even touched 3D printer in my life.)  Going with my self-stable legs which are 2 2x4s glued to make a 90 degree L shape was a good move.  Going with the $10 MDF on top was a pretty good move, although I’d go with 2 layers of it next time.

I think the biggest area I goofed was making it so tall.  This makes it inherently less stable.  All those moment forces from the back and forth jiggling of the 3D print are amplified the taller you get.  (Not rocket surgery!)  Because a 3D printer shakes in all directions, I think a greater emphasis on stability in all directions would have been smarter.

The 2’x4′ work surface is ok.  I’m notoriously cluttered and 3D printers require lots of little tools to be handy:  scrapers, scrapers with razor blades, wrenches, 45-degree angle cutters, Allen wrenches, etc.  The extra space is nice for such things.

What can’t be seen in the pics is the foam I stuffed between the rails behind the pegboard at the top and the wall.  I keep trying to figure out why I use 1x2s for anything.  They are worthless it seems.  The top of that thing flapped like crazy before the foam insertions.  After I printed some isolation feet for the printer and removed most of the rattles, most of those vibration issues went away.

I believe when I finally get around to adding a few shelves in the bottom, this thing may turn out to be a fine 3D printer stand.


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