LabVIEW Industrial Voltage and Current Sensor Board

I was asked to whip up a PCB board in Kicad for the measurement of fairly high voltages (at least compared to the 3.3V and 5V I generally deal with).  We used some fancy pants sensors for both current and voltage that each cost more than I ever spend on a single project.  (Why do I obsess over building projects for pennies?  ….I am a broke, old-man college student.)  The idea is the students in the Polytech world would use this tool along with that value-conscious LabVIEW hardware/software to measure everyone’s favorite electrical characteristics:  voltage, current, power, power factor, quality factor, phase angle, and probably more than that.

It only took 2 revisions to get the darn thing right.  Here’s the first.

It sure seems like a person could build something with 10 sheets of FR4. Hmmm.

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