#006: Abortion, The Left and Right Are Both Wrong…Again

Abortion hasn’t been a hot topic in this post-COVID world. Technically, all the people that don’t wait until they are married to engage in the super deed should be social distancing. If you buy into the storyline, no one should have had sex in 2020, give or take. Here’s what we know about good ol’ abortion. 1) There was a thing that was alive and, due to decisions of the things mother, that thing is no longer alive post-abortion. 2) Maybe the mom has a point and forcing her to have a kid in the middle of Auschwitz or equivalent is a bad bad bad thing for the baby.

My argument is the left and the right tend to completely ignore the child when it comes to the topic of abortion. The left calls a growing living thing a choice. I’m fairly certain I destroy that argument in this episode. The right doesn’t care what happens to the unwanted child after its born. At least they have no plan to take care of unwanted children which they force to be born. This almost seems more criminal.

I propose a solution although it’s highly vague and quite indirect. I say we all have an obligation to volunteer on some level to improve the lives of everybody. Technically, participating in capitalism is doing this. Excellent. Then, we should have a free thing we do: Cub Scouts, baseball coaching, etc in which all kids can learn and maybe build the skills and traits that lead to winning as adults so they won’t need abortions.

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