#005: The AI Music Takeover

I’ve heard it say said that artificial intelligence (AI) will never make “real” music. I suspect it already has or, at least, certainly will. Making music fits the pattern matching capabilities of an advanced AI quite well. In my mind, there’s not that much difference between the way humans learn adapt and the way “machine learning” or “deep learning” operates. In fact, those aren’t much different than Darwinian evolution or good, ol’ trial-and-error. I think there are people that truly believe that music comes from a “special place in the heart”. Maybe it can. I tend to believe that it doesn’t matter WHERE it came. The impact of music on the human species is completely undeniable. However, in my experience, the writing and recording of music can be completely decoupled from its end result….and that’s ok. The only thing that matters is a singer appears to be feeling whatever they are supposed to be feeling. It turns out that AI can fake these repeated patterns just as well as a human can, in theory. So can AI take over making music? Yup.

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