Low Power LED Heart Blinker for Valentine’s Day

Here’s the situation, boys. There aren’t many win-win situations when it comes to relationships so when you see one you need to take note. Chicks love it when you make them crap (from the heart) […]

Get Dressed Motivator (Max’s Stopwatch)

Dumb Intro This was my first experiment with mind control using an Arduino. My 4-year-old inherited his dad’s ability to become completely sluggish and relentlessly useless when he doesn’t give a crap about the task […]

Bike Security System

No, this is not a blog about my bike lock.  Even better.  I believe it’s called “security by anonymity”.  It’s the same thing I’ll do when I go to prison.  I’ll just crap into my […]

Beer Fermentation Temperature Controller

Nothing fancy.  Just 4 temperature sensors (2 for air and 2 for the water surrounding our fermentation buckets), an Arduino Nano, an old wifi module in the pre-8266 era, and a 7-segment display to view […]